D-NOW 2017

Disciple Now is an annual event here at Unity, where we partner with other churches in the area for service projects, worship, discipleship, and fun. This year, our students worked with a local ministry called "Backpack Blessings," which fills backpacks with food for kids throughout the upstate. This ministry supports over 280 kids in 14 different schools, and our youth spend the weekend being the hands and feet of Christ for kids in their own backyards!


This year's theme was "undefeated," and centered on the idea that a life that is built on the foundation of the death and resurrection of Jesus cannot be defeated by any power of this world. Christ has overcome the world, and has won the battle against sin, death, and hell. It is in his completed work on the Cross that our faith is found, and it is in his resurrection that our hope is secured.