Summer Events

Big Events

  • PaintWar [June 17]: Two teams will go head to head in many events to see who is the PaintWar champion.
  • Lake Day (x2) [June 29 + Aug. 3]: If you like the lake, this event is for you.
  • Lifesize Battleship [July 12]: two teams go head to head in the game battleship… only slightly BIGGER!
  • Mission Trip [July 14-20]: A full week of service in Savanna, Georgia with other churches.
  • Scavenger Hunt [July 25]: The Asheville Mall awaits! Teams will compete to complete the scavenger hunt first and take home the prize!
  • Back-to-School Bash [August 21]: Let’s celebrate the end of Summer the right way.

Other Events

  • Unity Corner: Every other Thursday students can come and hang out at the parsonage; Board games, card games, and just letting off steam.
  • College Hangout days: A time for college students to complain about school while throwing axes and shooting low scores!
  • Days of Service: Let’s go serve our community once a month and get ice cream to celebrate!
  • Park Days: Students will go to the local park to play kickball and other fun games!
  • Bible Study: Bible study every Wednesday night! (unless specified otherwise)

What are Big Events?

Big Events are trips and activities throughout the Summer where students can bring friends for some amazing fun!

!!! Exact times for events will be sent out through Remind !!!